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Diamante Umbrella

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This umbrella features a 2.5" diameter, one-piece pole that allows for both in-table and freestanding use. To accompany a wide range of dining, lounge and chaise seating, the .125 thickness aluminum pole comes in seven finishes.

  • Flexible fiberglass ribs with molded nylon joints, hubs, and end tips.
  • Marine Grade Weatherproof Acrylic.
  • Pole finishes are FiberTeak Wood Simulated.
  • All rib, finial, and hub colors coordinate with the finish color selected for the pole except for Sahara which has Champagne Bronze ribs, finials, and hubs.
  • Leadtime: 3-4 Weeks

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Our innovative fiberglass support rib construction ensures strength, resilience and durability. We have developed a full line of contract quality umbrellas that hold up to the harshest weather conditions – intense sunlight, high winds, salt air and driving rain – and will not decay or lose their shape. Our flexible fiberglass ribs absorb wind gusts without breaking and last four to five times longer than traditional steel or wood ribbed umbrellas. For its inherent strength and longevity, the standard canopies of most of our umbrellas and cabanas are made of marine grade fabric.
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